We can call this a summer wedding, but it rained. It rained a lot. Thanks England, for once again delivering on the weather! In between the torrential rain there were some sunny bits. Thankfully Silchester Farm is an incredible wedding venue, with fabulous locations both inside and out. Elizabeth and Ollie’s wedding didn’t start there […]

I’d never documented a wedding at Cantley Park in Wokingham before this summer, although I’d been there many times. Cantley Park has a number of football pitches and sports facilities that my kids have enjoyed. I hadn’t realised what a beautiful wedding venue was hidden away behind all the sports stuff. Here is a view […]

Cantley Park Wokingham

I’ve noticed the growing popularity of styled wedding shoots over the last few years and wanted to address some of the issues. These shoots can be very beneficial, I examined why in the article below… https://croshawphotography.com/2021/08/16/the-benefit-of-styled-wedding-shoots/ However, there are some issues with styled wedding shoots, both for the photographers and their potential clients. 1.Did they […]

I have been putting together an article on the pitfalls for wedding clients of styled shoots ( here ). While I was writing it I couldn’t help thinking of the benefits these shoots can bring. That is what this article is all about, so if you are thinking of doing one of these, read on! […]

Styled Fashion Shoot

This was my first engagement session in over a year. Like many wedding photographers in the UK I’ve effectively been in a holding pattern while we wait for the vaccines to be rolled out and things to get back to normal. That is thankfully starting to happen now, so I was delighted to be able […]

One of my images has been published again, which is always nice! There is not a lot else going on thanks to Covid-19 so I figured I may as well do a small post on it. The article appears in VoiceMag.uk and here is the link . The article is about my designer friend Carrie, […]

Just a short note as I had a couple of shoots published once again in Photoshoot magazine ( https://www.photoshootmagazine.co.uk/ ). These were styled/themed fashion shoots, which I do in addition to my wedding photography. In these Covid times they’ve kept me engaged while the weddings have all been postponed. I also use them as a […]

Part of the process I go through with all my couples is the wedding timeline. Normally we go through this a couple of months before the wedding, when everything should hopefully be finalised. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to go through this. Here are my top recommendations for what to do and […]

Winter weddings here in the UK can be a tricky affair, as our weather is wildly unpredictable. I thought it would be useful to put together a few things I’ve learned over the years. This article will be for engaged couples thinking of a winter wedding, and wedding photographers who are booked for one. Issues […]

A uk wedding in the rain

Working out how much your wedding photographer should cost you can be quite confusing. I’ll attempt to break things down based on my knowledge of the industry over the past 7 years. Wedding Photography in the UK is very different in terms of price when compared to the US, at the high end in particular. […]