Backups for Wedding Photography

A uk wedding in the rain

Backups are very much on my mind at the moment. As a wedding client you will want to know that your photographer has this covered. I’ve read various horror stories in the papers over the years where photos have been lost. I’ve also read stories where photographers have dropped a lens and not been able to carry on shooting the wedding. For me, backups are always at the back of my mind.

Image backups

My next wedding is the day before I go off on a family holiday to Cyprus. The timing is unfortunate, but I can adapt my workflow. I always back up the images on the same day as the wedding, sometimes during the wedding day during a quiet moment. I can swap out the cards and put them in the laptop directly so they can be backing up during the wedding breakfast, for example.

While this was being eaten my images were being backed up!!

For this wedding, I’m going to backup the jpegs to the cloud as my insurance policy, as I won’t be able to take the laptop with me. I’ll also back up the jpegs onto my iPad, which I am taking with me. The only issue will be avoiding looking at them on holiday, as I need a break!

Back ups for the equipment

Gear back ups are equally important. At the moment I have a gap in my lens range. My current selection of lenses are a 17-28mm 2.8, a 24mm 1.4, an 85mm 1.4 and a 135mm 1.8. The 17-28 is a backup for the 24, but there is no backup for the 85 as I’ve just sold my 28-75mm lens ( I find that focal length very boring ). A small 50mm 1.8 should do the trick, and is small and light and cheap, so that will be the next purchase before the wedding. I have two cameras for the wedding, so if one gets damaged I can finish the wedding with the other one.

For this picture in the snow I used my backup light as the main one had gotten wet.

Ask your wedding photographer about backups!

It’s always worth asking your wedding photographer what their back up plans are and wether they have backups for all their gear ( including lighting ). The good ones will not be offended. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst ( that includes the British weather ). I’ve included some pictures from cooler wedding days than today to help with the heat ( it’s currently a heatwave in the UK ).


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