I now have a drone for wedding photography!

I’ve been wanting to add a drone to the kit for a long time now, but never found the time to do it. The laws in the UK used to be quite prohibitive for commercial flying. That has all changed now and while the rules are in some ways more strict, the barrier to entry has been lowered.

Cliffs of Dover

The Main Restrictions on Drone Photography

The main things to avoid are flying over people and buildings with people in them. This gives a lot of leeway to use drones at a wedding venue, provided you keep 50m away from any guests ( horizontally ). I will be using the DJI Mini Pro 3 as well as the Mavic, as the Mini is under 250g and provides even more flexibility with where I can fly it.

Dover early one morning by the beach

What does a drone add to wedding photography?

Drone’s can add a great deal, both for photo and video. You can get a unique perspective from the air, as the shot above at a beach in Dover shows (one of my first attempts ). I will mostly be using it to provide background and scene setting shots for the wedding story. Below are some more images I’ve taken recently on my Mavic Air2S.

Cloudy morning near Preston before a wedding
Bridal Prep about to begin far below!

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