Engagement shoot with Oliver and Elizabeth

This was my first engagement session in over a year. Like many wedding photographers in the UK I’ve effectively been in a holding pattern while we wait for the vaccines to be rolled out and things to get back to normal. That is thankfully starting to happen now, so I was delighted to be able to dust off the cameras and do this engagement shoot. We timed the shoot for golden hour ( around 7pm in the UK in summer time ) and we were blessed with a gorgeous summer evening.

Posing naturally isn’t easy

Part of the point of these engagement sessions is to get the couple more comfortable with being in front of the camera. I run through various poses that we might use on the wedding day. This saves time on the day of the wedding, which is very handy, as time is often very short on the big day. For many couples, a session like this may be the first time they have had professional photos taken. Getting the nerves out of the way now is a great way to ensure more relaxed images on the wedding day.

New year new gear

One of the reasons I was keen to do this engagement session was to test out some new lenses. Over lockdown I’ve been thinking about how wedding photography might be a little different for the next year or so. I’ve bought some longer lenses to allow me to stay a bit further away from the wedding guests. This session was a great opportunity for me to test out some of this new kit and I was very happy with the results.


What always strikes me about these sessions is how surprised people are that they actually enjoy them! This is especially true for the fellas. Oliver was not looking forward to this session, but at the end he confessed that he really enjoyed it. Over the next year or so I’ll be trying to encourage more of my wedding couples to try an engagement session before their big day. If you are interested in one of these sessions, even if I’m not booked to be our wedding photographer, please get in touch via the Contact Me menu on the website. Thanks for reading!


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