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One of my images has been published again, which is always nice! There is not a lot else going on thanks to Covid-19 so I figured I may as well do a small post on it. The article appears in and here is the link . The article is about my designer friend Carrie, and her millinery business. Carrie makes incredible hats that have been worn by many brides and have also featured at Royal Ascot many times. The image in the article is this one, which also featured on the cover of Photoshoot magazine a little while ago.

Although this type of image is not a wedding image, it shows the kind of styling Carrie can put together. I’m very fortunate to get to work with her on her photography projects, as they help me practice my photography skills. This in itself is very useful for my wedding photography, as I am constantly trying new bits of kit, or new lighting or editing techniques, which then carry over to my wedding photography skill set.

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