Covid, 2021 and the current state of play

At the moment in snowy Berkshire things are pretty much on hold. I’ve had a few enquiries for family shoots lately so I thought I’d post a brief note on this. Essential work is allowed, so theoretically a socially distant family shoot would be possible. However, a family shoot is not really considered “essential work”, so it’s possibly illegal and certainly goes against the spirit of what the Government is asking us to do at the moment.

It’s a pretty miserable time for photographers in general and anyone connected to the events industry in particular. I’m currently booking in weddings for the second half of 2021 ( and those spots are going fast as everyone reschedules ) . I’m hopeful those won’t have to be moved as we start to see the benefit of the vaccine rollout. I’m not really taking on anything else at the moment. Stay safe, and hopefully things will look up in a month or two!


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