Small Weddings and Covid

Wedding Reception - Old Bell High wycombe

Where ever your wedding may be, in Berkshire or anywhere else, I think we now have to consider the Covid effect. The UK Government has just released the latest guidelines in an effort to curb the infection rate. Weddings are now limited to 15 people, including the Bride and Groom.

Add 13 more people and you have a small, Covid friendly wedding!

The Small Print

What is not so obvious is that this 15 people figure does not include people like makeup artists, the people officiating the ceremony and anyone else helping put the wedding on. This includes wedding photographers. This makes things slightly easier, but it’s still far from ideal and a complete nightmare for couples getting married in the next six months.


What can we do to help?

I’m looking at two ways to help my couples. The first and most obvious way is to provide a small wedding package. It should be self evident that a small wedding is less work for the wedding photographer. I’ve shot a fair few weddings of this size and it’s a completely different workload to a wedding with 120 people. However, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. In addition there are all the Covid precautions needed now.

My Small Wedding Deal

My normal price range is around £1k depending on extras, second shooters and that sort of thing. While Covid is a thing, I’ve decided to offer a small wedding package for £400, that is digital only. This will be 6 hours of coverage, which should include bridal prep, the ceremony, and any sort of meal afterwards. Travel expenses are not included.

If this interests you because you have had to scale down your wedding, then please do get in touch via the main page or email me directly at

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