How Many Wedding Images?

Berskhire wedding - flower bouquet

A common question I get from potential wedding clients is, how many wedding images will you give me? In this article I will attempt to answer that and other related questions.

Wedding Ceremony in Berkshire
Wedding Ceremony at the Olde Belle in Berkshire

Number of images is not a good measurement

My camera shoots up to 20 frames per second. If you want me to provide a thousand images from your wedding I’m happy to stick the camera on burst mode and go for it! It almost be like looking at a video if you scroll through them quickly enough! In my experience as a wedding photographer you don’t need more than 100-120 images to build a great album that really tells the story of your day. Of course, I do provide more than that, generally I give my wedding clients 350-450 digital images.

 Wedding family image - Berkshire
Father of the bride with his grandson

Your wedding will be full of small moments like the one above. This probably won’t make it into the album, but it is still a valuable image.

You will need to cull your wedding images for the album

When it comes time to design the wedding album, I ask my clients to pick 120 images. This is considerably easier to do with 400 images than it is with 1000 images. Sometimes less is more, do you really need multiple small variations of the same image? In my early days I let one couple have the entire collection of images from their wedding, which they requested. This came to more than 4000 images! It took them over a year to choose the images for the album, and even then some were out of focus.

Wedding Reception - Old Bell High wycombe
Outside wedding breakfast at the Old Belle in High Wycombe

Selecting wedding images is part of my job

I have spent many, many hours selecting the best images from weddings. I’m pretty good at it. I can spot the images that are slightly out of focus very quickly, or spot images where there is something distracting in the background. That hard won skill is one of the things you are paying me for, so it’s probably a good idea to let me go through that pain and pick the best images for you. I’m pretty generous in my selections, I’ll include anything that is in focus, isn’t a duplicate, makes you look great and is interesting. This will save you days of time you probably don’t have. In many ways a wedding photographer is like an editor for your wedding. Trust me to pick the highlights reel.

Spare a thought for your viewers…

Have you ever had to look through an excruciatingly long wedding or holiday album? It can get dull very quickly. A professionally edited and culled wedding album won’t be dull and it won’t be too long. So when you are looking for your wedding photographer, be it in Berkshire or anywhere else, don’t pay too much attention to how many images they provide. The quality and content of those wedding images is far more important.

Crockwell Farm Summer Wedding

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