Berkshire Engagement Shoot at South Hill Park

Weddings are just not happening at the moment, due to Covid-19. As a result I’ve been honing my skills with engagement shoots around Berkshire, which I love doing. Not only are these great practice for the actual wedding day, both for the photographer and the couple getting married, but they are lots of fun as well.

Engagement shoot at South Hill Park
Michelle and Wing having fun

It’s really not that bad…

It’s always the fellas who want to run a mile from engagement sessions. I understand totally, I was the same when I got married a long, long time ago! My wedding photos feature we trying various attempts at a smile, mostly this resulted in what my wife calls my “serial killer” look. I wish I’d had a session with the photographer before the wedding. These pre-wedding shoots are great for getting comfortable with the whole idea of trying to look natural in front of the camera.

South Hill Park – Wing and Michelle enjoying the evening sun

Evening sunshine at South Hill Park

You wouldn’t have known we are at the tail end ( hopefully ) of a pandemic. South Hill Park was packed with people enjoying the evening sun and mostly keeping a safe distance from one another. I made sure I stayed back from Wing and Michelle and mostly used my longest lens, the 135mm. This lens gives a lovely subject separation and is tack sharp. I can also keep a comfortable distance away during a pandemic!

Sitting in the evening sun…

Michelle and Wing

I never know quite what to expect from my couples when I shoot engagements, that’s what makes it so interesting. They could be radically different heights, they could be natural at showing affection in front of the camera, or really awkward. Michelle and Wing were super chilled, and also from Scotland ( a bit out of the way for a Berkshire wedding photographer ), where they are getting married. They were really fun to just hang out with and we had a great time.

Engagement Session - South Hill Park Bridge
Michelle, Wing and a pigeon photobombing them!

Engagement shoot with guidance

I won’t throw you into one of these engagement sessions without any help. I always give my couples a quick run down on posing techniques ( nothing formal, just how to look natural whilst also looking good!). South Hill Park in Bracknell is a lovely venue for this type of shoot, it was good to see it busy as I know they have been struggling during lockdown. To finish up, here are some more of the shots from the session, which was only an hour, and really flew by.

Michelle and wing strike a post at their engagement session
Getting close amongst the blooms
Seated shot of Wing and Michelle at South Hill Park – engagement session

Get in touch to book a session!

If you want to find out more about my engagement sessions in the Berkshire area, just get in touch! I’ve got a pricing guide which includes a bunch of information about weddings, engagement sessions and family shoots. The contact form is right over on the home page here ( just scroll down a bit ).

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