Engagement shoot with Ewen and Maisie

After three months not really being able to shoot it was great to get back out there and do a proper engagement shoot. I’d arranged this for the evening after a big lighting workshop I had been running at a venue nearby. I was a little bit tired going into this but I forgot about that within a few minutes of talking to Ewen and Maisie. We got on great from the off. Like many engaged couples they were a bit nervous about someone pointing a professional camera at them and also a bit unsure what an engagement shoot really entails.

Ewen and Maisie at their engagement photoshoot

How to pose and make it look good

As I do with all my engagement sessions, I talked through the posing bit first before even picking up the camera. I’ve got some easy and quick tips for how to pose for an engagement to make it look natural and Ewen and Maisie were quick studies. The venue we shot at was the hotel Ewen manages, and it will also be their wedding venue. It really is a wonderful place for an engagement or a wedding. We wandered down to the little lake with a cute bridge and I got them to pose there while I framed them with the scenery.

Down by the bridge – engagement with Ewen and Maisie

Getting to know your photographer

An engagement session is a great way to get to know your potential wedding photographer. My advice would be to book in a session with a photographer you’ve shortlisted for your wedding. In the UK at least, these sessions are often not that expensive ( not so much in the U.S, but that is another story! ). Doing one of these sessions will help you get used to having a camera pointed at you before it happens for real at your wedding. It will also help you figure out if the photographer is someone you can get along with. This is incredibly important as on your wedding day you will be spending quite a bit of time with them. Better to realise it doesn’t quite work now, than on your wedding day.

The classic “Lean Against Tree Pose” !

Walking and Talking

We had a lovely relaxed time having a chat about their wedding, which has been pushed back to 2022. I’ve seen this a lot lately, as engaged couples have realised that wedding venues are going to be in short supply next year due to Covid-19 wiping out this year’s wedding season. It was a beautiful evening so I took some shots with the venue in the background, and also made use of the lavender to frame them and the fountains to provide an awesome background. I really like to keep my engagement shoots informal and relaxed as much as possible.

Walking and talking
The classic grab move
Framed by the Lavender – Maisie and Ewen

A great end to a fabulous day

By the end of our shoot Maisie and Ewen had decided to book me for their wedding. I was delighted of course, more so because I knew their wedding would be right up my street. They wanted authentic, candid wedding photography, not posed, formal shots. This is exactly the type of wedding photography I like to deliver, and I knew we would have a great day.

Time for a quick rest from the engagement shoot
Wide shot of the venue with Ewen and Maisie on their engagement shoot

By their nature engagement shoots are a little bit posed, which seems to go against my general wedding photography ethos. I’ve found that I get a lot of enjoyment out of meeting the couples though, and trying to get some natural looking images for them. Obviously the last one is a bit more posed than I would normally go for, but it is worth it for the epic backdrop of the hotel which Ewen is general manager of. Thanks for reading, if you would like to book an engagement shoot, just get in touch via this website or drop me an email at mike.croshaw@googlemail.com !

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