Wedding Photography, Why book me?

Indoor confetti shot -Northampton

Anyone can photograph a wedding. Just pick up a camera and point it in the right direction and it will do the job for you. I’ve lost count of the times people have told me I must have an amazing camera. So why pick me out of the vast sea of photographers out there ( actually, I do have an amazing camera !)?

Brighton Beach at dawn
I’ve included a picture of the sea for authenticity…


I will tell you how it is and present your day the way it happened. A lot of wedding photographers hire a pair of amazingly good looking models and shoot at epic locations. They then present these images as something they can deliver at each and every wedding. This is not realistic. I won’t do this. Every image you see from me is shot at an actual wedding where I was the primary photographer.

Documentary Wedding Photo - First Dance at a wedding
This was not a staged shot:)


I will under promise and over deliver. I won’t tell you I will deliver 700 images and then give you a bunch of duplicates shot in burst mode on my camera. If you ask me I will show you exactly what I’ve delivered to past clients. I will put you in touch with past clients who will vouch for me personally, without any prompting from me.

Documentary Wedding Photo - First Dance
This shot cost me a parking ticket to get! But I got it!


This means two things. I am a very experienced photographer, I don’t just use natural light, because natural light is unreliable. My large collection of lighting gear allows me to deal with any situation the UK weather may throw at us. I will also give you a great experience. I will make it fun, I will eliminate stress, not add to it. You will not have to think about the photography on your wedding day, it will just happen and then you will be delighted with your images, and surprised at how much you didn’t see on the day itself. The images will take you back to what is going to be the best day of your life.

Wedding at the Granary at Fawsley
This was not an easy shot to get! It was raining…

4.Sense of Fun

I do this because I enjoy it, I have fun doing it. I won’t be THAT grumpy photographer, I will have fun on the day doing this job I love. Because of that, you and your guests will enjoy having me along for the ride. I will add to the day, not spoil it.

Wedding Dance at the Granary at Fawsley
They are having fun! So was I!

Enough Reasons? Need more ?

If you want to know more drop me a message via the contact page. I always find it’s best to talk in person. Whomever you book for your wedding will be spending the whole day with you, it’s a good idea to have a chat before you book anyone to get a sense of wether you will get on with them. So please do get in touch!

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