Berkshire Wedding at The Olde Bell

The Olde Bell - Berkshire Wedding Venue

The Olde Bell in Hurley is a beautiful venue for anyone based in Berkshire looking for somewhere to host their wedding. It is a really classic old English venue, full of oak panelled nooks and crannies and low ceilings. This makes it a very cosy, lovely venue to get married in, but quite challenging for any wedding photographer. If the wedding is in March that makes it even more challenging! March weather in the UK can veer from a balmy 15 degrees to snow, and I’ve shot weddings in both conditions!

The Olde Bell - Berkshire Wedding Venue
The Olde Bell in Hurley, a fantastic old English wedding venue in Berkshire

Bridal Prep

Alice was staying at the Olde Belle, which made covering bridal prep breeze, as everything was under one roof. There were a nice mix of people taking part in the preparations, including Alice’s mum and dad, and her young nephew.

One of Alice’s bridesmaids get’s their bridal makeup done
Mother of the bride with the MUA

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony room at the Olde Belle is a beautiful oak panelled area with a lovely window at the back. It’s a lovely room for a civil service, but quite dark for photography in the winter ( in the UK, March can count as either Winter or Spring depending on the weather!!!). Luckily I have cameras that can basically see in the dark, so it was not a problem.

Alice and her father on their way to the ceremony room
Alice and her father entering the ceremony room at the Olde Bell
Karl and Alice wedding ceremony at the Olde Bell

The Reception and Formals

After the lovely ceremony there was a drinks reception, meal and speeches. The Olde Belle is a very cosy pub, which was just as well as at this point it started snowing and I had to send my second shooter home in case his car got stuck! We also had to do the formals indoors with an additional complication…Karl has epilepsy and had asked me not to use flash. This is where the garage full of lighting gear I happen to have comes in handy. I have some big video lights that I brought along precisely for this scenario and I set them up in one of the backrooms.

One of the indoor formal shots with a video light
Kids dancing at the Olde Belle in Berkshire

In between snow showers I managed to get outside to grab some shots of Karl and Alice at the back of the Olde Belle. I can imagine in the summer this would be a wonderful place for the afternoon wedding reception. Even on a cold March afternoon there were some spring blossoms around to add some colour to the couple’s shots.

Karl and Alice at the back of the Olde Belle on their wedding day

Snow Time!

Towards the end of the evening the snow really started to fall and Karl and Alice asked me if they could get a quick portrait done in the snow. I always try and help with last minute requests like this. I grabbed a smaller light source, an icelight, and stuck it on a stand and we braved the snow.

Karl and Alice – portrait in the snow on their wedding


The Olde Belle in Hurley is a fantastic Berkshire wedding venue. It has oodles of old English charm and room to spare. I hope to shoot many more weddings there. Thanks for reading!

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