Bridal Shoot with a difference

Vintage Dresses and Flowers

I’ve not done much bridal photography for a little while now, and like buses, two came along at once. One is in the process of being published but I can share some shots from the other one. A full team came along for this one, including two make up artists, a hair stylist and 5 models!!! I had a second photographer to help me as well. Let me introduce the youngest model….

The head piece was one of a number provided by Carrie Courtney, who has an amazing, and growing collection of these creations that she sells all over the world. For the photographers reading this, most of these images are shot on my Sony A7R3 and 85mm 1.4.

Bridal shot of a child

Did I mention we also had owls? As in, real life owls that are trained to fly around with rings at weddings….

Bridal shot with owls
Bridal shot with owls and vintage bridal dresses
Group Bridal image
Group bridal image with vintage wedding dresses and flowery headpieces

The dressed were provided by @scarletvintageretro , our bridal make up artist was  @brides_by_charlotteannice . The beautiful models are @ohlookitsnemo @mollothequeen . The owls from the incredible @kent_owls and  headpieces by  @ccmillinerycreations. If any of these are of interest for your wedding I would be delighted to put you in touch, just message me via my contacts page here… .

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