Northampton Wedding at Holiday Inn

I may be a Berkshire based wedding photographer but I keep getting bookings in Northampton for some reason! I’m not complaining though, all the weddings in this area have been wonderful. This wedding was no exception, and I knew a few of the guests already. I was the wedding photographer for Ben’s brother James a few years ago when he married Sophie. We began, as usual, with bridal prep.

Bridal Prep

Bridal Prep - Katie Wedding
Bridal Prep for Katie and Ben’s wedding

The lighting in this room was very yellow so I used the IceLight ( which looks like half a lightsabre! ) to offset it. Katie’s mum was a good laugh, it’s always nice to have someone like her around to lighten the mood and relax everyone.

Mother of the Bride - bridal prep
Katie’s mum having a giggle during bridal prep
The first of a thousand hair spray moments – bridal prep

The Wedding Ceremony

I’ve been very lucky with the weather in Northampton during my wedding photography career. This was the day that luck ran out!! What started as mild drizzle during bridal prep turned into torrential rain for the ceremony. That wasn’t too much of a problem for the ceremony itself, which was beautiful and emotional.

Katie and her dad walking down the aisle
Ben has something in his eye!
The wedding ceremony
It all gets a bit overwhelming for Katie…
First kiss at the wedding ceremony

The confetti…

This is where the weather brought us a bit of a challenge. Ben and Katie really wanted some cool confetti shots. I was getting the umbrellas ready when James suggested doing it indoors. The vicar was on board with this ( this is a very close knit church community ) so I got the flash out and we went for it.

Indoor confetti run
More confetti !

The wedding formal shots

The indoor confetti run worked really well, so we migrated to the Hilton in Northampton for the guests to mingle and have a drink while I pondered how we were going to do the wedding formals in the pouring rain. I did have some indoor options of course, there is always a backup plan! In the end we didn’t need it though. The hotel had a covered area in front of the entrance, with a long lens I was able to get all the group shots done there! Here is one with Ben and Katie.

The Reception

The Hilton had provided a lovely room for the wedding breakfast and after some mingling in the hotel bar everyone headed there next. Lighting was pretty yellow again, so I used a flash to make things look a little brighter. Mixing flash with ambient light is one of key technical skills for a wedding photographer. I prefer to use natural light for 90% of the wedding day but sometimes you just really need to add to it. Here are more images from the wedding reception.

Ben giving his speech
Phone pic time, I love these kind of shots

The Dancing

One of my favourite part of any wedding is the dancing. I was a bit concerned at this wedding that people might be a bit more reserved, as it was a mostly dry wedding. If anything, people hit the dance floor a lot more quickly than normal and stayed there a lot longer, I was impressed!

Ben and Katie getting onto the dance floor for their first dance
A lovely moment from the first dance
Katie’s brother dancing to Queen!

To Conclude

I’ll end with a shot of the happy couple. They were a joy to spend the day with and despite the inclement weather the wedding went beautifully and it was a pleasure to be their wedding photographer. If you are interested in booking me for your wedding please contact me via this page…Contact Me.

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