Commercial Fashion Shoot for a Nail Salon

Fashion photography with a 50s vibe

This was my second shoot with the gang at Nail House Rock down near Brighton. The brief for this shoot was to produce some images for Scratch magazine. Apparently this is a big magazine in the nail industry, but as I am a serial nail biter I had no idea! The staff had done some brilliant styling as usual but it was left to me to get some commercial quality images for the magazine in the fairly small salon. Luckily there were some plain walls and some interesting wallpaper to use as background.

Model portait showing off red nails

The Gear

For this type of shoot high res images are a must. I was using my Sony A7R3 which has plenty of resolution for this sort of job. The lens I used was the Sony 55mm, which was just right for the small space I found myself shooting in. I was going for a very clean look, with a bit of a retro vibe. The clients were delighted, and we are already talking about another shoot next year.

Portrait for Nail House Rock
Red Nails
Portrait with Scratch magazine
Portrait with a military outfit

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