The Wedding Day and mobiles

Times change and so must wedding photography.

Selfies and mobile pictures never used to be a thing of course. Now half the wedding seems to be filled with guests taking selfies or posing for their friends. At 46 years old my kids think I’m ancient. So it would be easy for me to just moan and groan about it, but actually I love it. I don’t love it for the wedding procession, as there are very good reasons for the phones to go away at that part of the wedding day. I’m here today to look at the more positive side of mobiles and selfies for wedding photography.

I think phone shots like the one above are fun. When people are doing selfies and the like, they are totally unaware of you, and it actually makes for some lovely images.

Cute phone shot at bridal prep
Classic selfie at Ali’s wedding

A new type of candid image

The selfie and the phone shots have become a new type of candid image. It’s no use moaning about it, we are there to capture the day as it happens. These days, a fair bit of the day people are taking selfies, so why not just embrace it and try and make some fun images along the way? The one below is one of my favourites from last year, it really captures the fun they were having on the day.

Featured Weddings | Croshaw Photography
Featured Weddings | Croshaw Photography

How do I manage the mobile issue?

When a client books me for wedding photography we always meet in person or via Skype to go through potential issues. One of the issues I always bring up is the use of mobiles at the wedding. The approach I recommend is to talk to the person officiating at the ceremony. Ask them to request that guests put the mobiles away for the ceremony. At all other times it’s easy to deal with mobiles, but the ceremony is an exception to that rule. It really is as simple as that and in my experience you don’t need to do anything else.

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