Bridal Shoot with a Horse!

An unusual bridal shoot on the south coast.

A bridal shoot is not something I do often, I prefer candid, unposed wedding photography. However, as I have worked with a lot of models due to my fashion photography, I do get asked to do them now and then. I’ve worked with Shannon a lot, and she had arranged a full team for this one.

Shannon – alternative bridal shoot

The Team

We had Sandra Parsons on hair, flowers by Brandon and his team at Flowers4ShopWorthing providing the florals. Mode Bridal in Henfield provided the dresses, which were amazing. The only thing that wasn’t with us was the weather. Typically for the UK, the one day of that week which was cold and wet was the day of the shoot. We still got the shots however! The first two are from some woodland and are fine art type shots, loosely based on some ideas Shannon had.

Fine Art conceptual bridal shot

Onto the horses..

We then left the shelter of the woods to go and meet the horses. I’ve always been a bit scared of horses ( they have big teeth! ), but Shannon wasn’t. Doing a bridal shoot isn’t always easy, it was cold and wet and windy at this point but Shannon didn’t let it show. The horses were brilliant as well, but I don’t think they minded the weather as much as us. In between shots we keep Shannon under an umbrella and wrapped up warm.

Bridal Shoot with a white horse
It may look like nice weather, it really wasn’t!
Out on the hills with a floral headpiece and a horse!

Custom Bridal Shoots

If you are looking for a bridal shoot with a difference, please get in touch. My contact page is here…

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