Wedding Anniversary

19 years!

This isn’t really a post about wedding photography. It is a post about a wedding! I married Katherine Jones 19 years ago, in Hereford. We’ve just come back from a slightly delayed anniversary get away down in Bournemouth. Our actual wedding day is June 3rd but the practicalities of family life mean we can’t always get away on that day. We drove down to Swanage, which I haven’t been to in 20 years. I’ve climbed down there a few times but not since I got married. The coastline here is spectacular.

Lighthouse at Swanage


I don’t take much in the way of photography gear when I’m out with the family, or, in this case, my wife. I took my Fuji X-T3 and the 16mm 1.4 lens. This lens is great for landscape shots but also macro and people shots, it’s just a great all rounder and one of my all time favourite lenses.


We then headed back to Bournemouth. Cunningly, I’d booked our trip for a Thursday night so that it was both cheaper and far less crowded than going at the weekend. After a fantastic Spanish meal and some half price cocktails ( Thursday night again! ) we lurched back to our hotel. The next morning we hit the beach and I have NEVER seen Bournemouth beach this quiet!

Katherine on Bournemouth beach

Of course the massive storm clouds in the background might give a clue as to why it was quiet. We escaped Bournemouth before the rains came and headed back home via the New Forest. It was a lovely trip, I’m hoping to get back down that way soon ( a few weddings are in the pipeline down that way !).

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