Wedding at Shiplake College Henley

Bridal Prep – Caversham

I shot this wedding with a friend of mine who knew the couple, so it was a very relaxed affair. I’ve not shot a wedding at Shiplake College before but as Henley is close to where I live I was very keen to see it. Andrew went off to cover the groom while I started with bridal prep at the Kelly’s house in Caversham. As most of my weddings these days seem to happen miles away it was nice to have a local one for a change!

Bridal Prep for Kelly
Is that Prosecco I see?!!
kids watching bridal prep for their mum
Bridesmaids waiting for their mum
Bridal prep for a wedding in Shiplake - black and white
Someone likes their makeup!

I always enjoy bridal prep, it’s usually a really relaxed part of the day. It’s also the part of the day where I get to know the bridal party. This was all very relaxed and the kids were beautifully behaved.

bridesmaids playing around before the wedding
The children having fun at bridal prep:)
Father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time
Father of the bride

The Ceremony

Next it was on to Shiplake College, a beautiful venue near Henley. During term time this is a school of course, but in the holidays it’s a great wedding venue. The Minstrels Gallery is where the ceremony is held. Outside there are fantastic grounds. Here are some of the shots.

Wedding Processional - Shiplake College Wedding Venue

When I’m shooting the ceremony I like to get shots of the audience as well as the bride and groom.

Brides father looks on - Shiplake College Wedding Venue
Kelly’s father looks on at the marriage ceremony
Tears at the wedding ceremony  - black and white
Getting emotional at the ceremony at Shiplake College
Kiss at the wedding ceremony - Shiplake College Wedding venue
Sneaky kiss while the register is being signed!
Bride and Groom walking down the Minstrels Gallery - Shiplake College Wedding venue
After the ceremony – walking out of the Minstrels Gallery

After the wedding ceremony…

We were very lucky in that it was a lovely day. At the back of the venue there are some beautiful grounds. I always love this part of the wedding, lots of chances for some candids. In this case the kids in particular really obliged and were extra cute.

Kids playing outside - Shiplake College Wedding Venue
Kids being cute at the wedding:)
Kids playing - Shiplake College Wedding Venue
More cuteness from the kids. All you need is a stick, not an iPad!
Family portrait - Shiplake College Wedding venue
Family shot, informal as I like them!

That’s all from me on this one! Andrew covered the rest of the day, as I was really only booked for the main part of the day on this occasion. It was a lovely venue, and the beautiful family. Hope I get to go back there for another wedding soon!

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