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Wedding photography is a serious business, but also often a hilariously funny one( see articles like this for examples As a wedding photographer a sense of empathy is one of my core strengths. I need to be able to spot the fun bits and take part. I also need to know when to stop shooting and when to actually leave the room or merge into the background more.

Some fun bits

As an example of a fun moment, at this wedding one of the bridesmaids was leaning out of the window looking for her other half. The whole bridal party were laughing their heads off and one of them said “You have to shoot that”. So I did.

This bridal prep session was one of the longest I’ve ever shot so it’s not surprise there were some other funny moments. When Ali put on her makeup mask, there was a lot of laughter, so I tried to capture both sides of it.

I love delivering a few silly images, it offsets the really serious, emotional moments very well. Like this guy blowing bubbles for his kids.

Often it’s at the speeches that special moments occur. This dubious looking doll surfaced during the best man’s speech. It was mildly amusing during the speech, it was much funnier when the little bridemaids decided to take it for a walk around the room. Slightly risque but I knew the couple would see the humour in it.

The other side of the coin is when there is genuine emotion on show, and of course this happens a lot at weddings. As a documentary wedding photographer these are the moments I live for. An example is this shot of the two girls below, who had just finished their speeches. The room was going nuts as they had both done amazingly well for such young people. It was a truly lovely moment and of course I captured it.

Hugs after the speeches! - the Granary at Fawsley
Hugs after the speeches! – the Granary at Fawsley

But the fun stuff is just as important, I want people to laugh and cry when they see their wedding pictures! If you are interested in my wedding photography packages please contact me via this page

Thanks for reading!

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