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I am a documentary wedding photographer based in Reading ( UK ).  What that means is that I will capture your day without bossing everyone around and getting in your way.  I am discreet, patient, friendly and get on well with pretty much everyone.  I'm also very good at staying in the background and capturing both the big moments and the little moments you may have missed on your wedding day!

I'm a photographer, but I'm also a father ( of two ), a husband, a runner, a bit of a culture vulture, but I also love football ( Liverpool! ). I have a ton of other interests, movies, video games, music, gadgets ( I am a bit of a geek at heart ). All these interests are a bit exhausting, but they also allow me to connect and get on with all sorts of people. Whatever your interests are, there is a good chance we will get on great!

I have been widely published in in various magazines (including Bride, Photo Professional )over the years, both print and digital, as well as some national newspapers.  

hi, I'm MIKE

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HOW do you choose the right wedding photographer?

It shouldn't come down to price, but it often does.  A lot of people underestimate the cost of really good wedding photography, and the value of it.   I wrote an article on why wedding photography costs what it does here, so maybe take a moment to read that before coming back here:

Please email me directly at for a pricing guide!


Around 10% of your budget should be spent on the photography.  This may seem a lot, but if you think about how much work goes into capturing your day to a professional standard, it's really not much at all.  A professional photographer will get the images you want no matter the weather, or any other issues that may arise.  They will use professional kit, designed for difficult lighting situations, and know how to use artificial lighting to compensate for difficult lighting at the venue on the day.  They will be fully insured, have backup gear and years of experience shooting weddings.  In addition to this they will spend at least 30 hours on your wedding day, even if you only see a small part of that.


The memories from your day are one of the most valuable things you will be left with ( apart from each other, obviously! ).  Great wedding photos will help you relive that day for years to come, and they will provide a valuable and beautiful record for your family for generations to come.  Email me at for a pricing brochure, package prices start from £1250.


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